About the family

When we first moved into Lewes we had started a family and were attracted by the beauty, both within and surrounding the town and by it’s “out of the ordinary” reputation. Seeking a alternative strong to our bow after leaving London, we though there would be a place for the kind of luxury and space that the blossom room provides, in what is quite a “chocolate box town “ – you generally have to go outside Lewes to find much space!

We are a vegetarian family with 2 young children – 4 and 6. Rich is very active and will show you the “strings” paragliding or if you wish for something more sedate tennis (Lewes tennis club is friendly and has a lovely aspect on the town).

We will endeavour to assist in whatever way we can to give you a comfortable base to explore the area. 

Check out our B&B accommodation in Lewes.